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Lighthearted Press is a great resource for getting through some hard times after losing a beloved pet.  Their website is and they also offer two bereavement books seen below.

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Pet Bereavement Poetry

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At Rainbow Bridge

There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.
It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors.
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge, there is a land of meadows,
hills and valleys with lush green grass.
When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.
There is always food and water and warm Spring weather.
Those old and frail animals are young again.
Those who have been maimed are made whole again.
They play all day with each other.
Some of them here by the Bridge are different.
These pets were beaten, starved, tortured, and unloved.
They watch wistfully as their friends leave one by one,
to cross the bridge with their special person.
For them there is no one, no special one.
Their time on earth did not give them one.
But one day, as they run and play,
they notice someone standing by the road to the bridge.
This person wistfully watches the reunions of friends,
for during life, this person had no pet.
This person was beaten, starved, tortured, and unloved.
Standing there alone, one of the unloved pets approaches,
curious as to why this one is alone.
And as the unloved pet and the unloved person get nearer to each other,
a miracle occurs, for these are the ones who were meant to be together,
the special person and the beloved pet who never had the chance to meet while on Earth.
Finally, now, at the edge of the Rainbow Bridge, their souls meet,
the pain and the sorrow disappears, and two friends are together.
They cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated.

Author - Unknown

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In Our Hearts

We thought of you with love today.
But that is nothing new.

We thought about you yesterday.
And days before that too.

We think of you in silence.
We often speak your name.

Now all we have is memories.
And your picture in a frame.

Your memory is our keepsake.
With which we'll never part.

God has you in his keeping.
We have you in our heart.

Author: Unknown

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I Only Wanted You

They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true,

I never wanted memories
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you
a million times I cried,

If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly

in death I love you still,
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,

I’d walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken
and nothing seems the same,

But as God calls us one by one
the chain will link again.

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